Sunday, May 24, 2009

Apple pies for a celebration

Baked 2 Apple pies for my mum's birthday party. Two pies with two different recipes.
The pies were delicious with vanilla ice cream.

This pie crust contained egg yolks and has a more golden finish.
The filling was pre-cooked before baking.

This crust was made from Martha's pate brisee.
The pie was topped with round fluted cutouts.

Friday, May 15, 2009


Madeleines are miniature French sponge cakes made in a special shell- shaped pans.
My first attempt was baking of  chocolate madeleines made from Valrhona cocoa powder.

These chocolate madeleines tasted good especially with vanilla ice cream.

Rose-water and Lemon Madeleines

Baked some madeleines flavoured with rose water for my mum for Mothers'Day.
She requested for a dessert that was light and not so sweet. Thus, I chose this recipe and reduced the amount of sugar stated and it still tasted good. The rose fragrance was mild but refreshing. I also baked another batch with lemon zest.We had an enjoyable afternoon tea sampling these madeleines.

Rose-water madeleines

Lemon Madeleines

Apple Pies Days

I recently tasted a very delicious apple pie at a lunch gathering and decided to try one out.
Using Granny Smith apples, I baked this.

Using a different pie dough recipe(Pierre Herme Perfect Tart Dough), I baked another apple pie and and sprinkled coarse sugar over top before baking.
It produced a shining and golden brown  finish.

Monday, May 11, 2009

My Little Nonya Macarons again!

This time, I used a more concentrated dye made from Butterpea flowers.
The turquoise batter was piped into the baking tray.

The colour of the macarons seemed to fade after baking and some even turned toasty brown.
However, the developement of the macarons on the whole was satisfactory.

The Little Nonya Macaron

The beautiful blue coloured batter was then piped onto the baking tray.


Unfortunately, after baking, the blue dye seem to have oxidized due to high temperature and changed to toasty brown.

The filling for the Nonya Macaron is Nonya Cream Kaya.
(coconut cream custard)

The little Blue Nonya Macarons are completed.