Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Mahjong Cake

I made a Mahjong cake for my father's birthday because he enjoys playing Mahjong whenever we have a  family gathering.

The winning combination of  Thirteen Wonders(十三么) is shown on a mahjong table with chips and dice.


The cake
The base cake is a square cheese poundcake.

 The square base is then covered with green and brown fondant to create a mahjong table top.

The tiles
Made with 2 layers of fondant and cut out using a cookie cutter.

Painting  of tiles

One bamboo is depicted as a bird.
Tiles are painted free hand with edible food colouring.
The Wind tiles

The dice
(made with fondant)

The chips
(Made with fondant)

Assembly of the Mahjong set

The winning combination tiles....

Stack of playing tiles...
And the dice and chips.