Friday, January 1, 2016

Kendo Fondant Cake
This Kendo cake I baked today is for my son's birthday.
Kendo is a Japanese martial art which uses shinai(a bamboo sword) and requires a protective gear or armour.

The cake was first covered with a white fondant and trimmed with a golden ribbon.
There are only two features on the cake:
1.The head gear
2.The word 剣道 meaning Kendo

 The head gear is a helmet called men built with a metal grille .

The word 剣道 meaning Kendo

The completed Kendo cake.

Strawberry Charlotte

 This sweet strawberry Charlotte is for my niece's birthday.

 It is a butter cake filled with home made strawberry jam and lined with sponge fingers.

Whole strawberries were arranged nicely to fill the top of the cake.

A thick strawberry glace was then applied to the strawberries.