Monday, May 12, 2014

Track and field fondant cake

This mini cake is for my niece who is good at track and field in her school.The base cake is chocolate cake with oreo cookies.

The cake is covered with green fondant to resemble the field and
 is also adorned with a gold medal;indicating victory.

Enlarged view of medal
The running tracks cover the top of the cake.

Sunday, May 11, 2014

Guitar Fondant cake

This mini cake is for my nephew who loves to play the electric guitar.
The base cake is chocolate cake with oreo cookies.

The cake is covered with blue fondant.
Side of the cake is adorned with stars.

Two fondant electric guitars formed the center piece on the cake.

Thursday, May 8, 2014

Rainbow cake

Rainbow is such a beautiful creation and making it into a cake is such a wonderful experience as well.

The preparation may be tedious with many steps, but the layers of the rainbow cake is so enchanting and colourful that it makes the whole baking enjoyable.
First the cake batter is divided into 6 equal portions and dyed with all six rainbow colours.(six colours are typically used for cakes instead of seven).

Each portion is then baked and cooled before assembly;
The cake is then put togeher, layer by layer ; starting with purple at the bottom and followed by blue, green,yellow,orange and finally red. Each layer of cake is sandwiched with cream cheese frosting.
The whole cake is then covered with cream cheese frosting and embellished with tiny silver balls.

This cake is a birthday cake for my nephew .

The beautiful rainbow layers were revealed when cut.

                            HAPPY BIRTHDAY