Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Cookie and Cream Cupcakes

While browsing through the pages of  Martha Stewart's Cupcakes book, I came across this cute recipe for cookie and cream cupcakes.

Martha Stewart.com

Each cupcake is made up of a whole oreo cookie and bits of chopped cookies in the cream cheese filling.
I added a coat of delicious chocolate on top and sugar paste decorations.

Cookie and cream cupcakes
Flower decorations
Heart shapes for all the fathers in  my family for Fathers' Day
Tiny Blue flowers

Cross sectional view of the cookie and cream cupcake:
The cookie was placed at the bottom and followed by cream cheese filled with chopped cookies.
Finally, it was coated with chocolate ganache and decorated.

Whole Cookie and cream cupcake

Cross section view of cupcake1
Cross section view of cupcake2